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The need this year is more urgent than ever. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have wreaked havoc on the communities we serve. Families who were living paycheck to paycheck suddenly have breadwinners out of work, and many children are leaving school to help their parents and siblings survive. 

Here’s how your contribution can last a lifetime:​ 


  • $2,500 helps provide a mobile food pantry distribution to areas of the county considered “food deserts” for 1,100 children
  • $2,500 puts 9 at-risk high school students on target for on-time graduation


  • $1,000 provides mental health assessments for 8 children in need
  • $1,000 provides 5 children with complete health screenings


  • $500 helps provide literacy materials for an early childcare center
  • $500 provides 7 children with dental sealants to prevent decay


  • $100 provides 400 meals for families in need
  • $100 provides 2 children two pair of eyeglasses, one pair for school and one for home

In real-world terms, the effects of your generosity are dramatic. Since the inception of NCEF, more than 95,000 vulnerable children have been provided with advocates and protection. Eight million meals have been distributed to children and families in need, and 34,000 children and their families are no longer hungry because of the meals they receive year-round. 87,000 children have received access to medical and healthcare services, and 34,000 pairs of eyeglasses have been prescribed and delivered. 

This year, more than ever, we’re counting on your donations to help us make up our shortfall. We all know that children’s experiences in their earliest years affect how their brains work, the way they respond to stress, and their ability to form trusting relationships. We also know that emotional, cognitive, social and physical development are interrelated and influence each other, which is why all our initiatives are so crucial in providing a future for our underserved and at-risk children. 

Every dollar raised will go to support NCEF’s annual grant recipients and seven strategic initiatives to focus on the wellbeing of the whole child. Your generous donation will help support our 2021-2022 grant cycle. We ask you to dig deep, give generously, and remember:

It’s ALL for the kids! 

DONORS: Caring Patrons of the 2021 Naples Winter Wine Festival